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Clip and Play

Design for Six Feet Competition

Location: Newburgh, NY

Year: 2020

Award: Honorable Mention

Project type: Tactical Urbanism

This kit of low-tech tensile structures can support a variety of street programs for Newburgh. This open system of clips and ropes allow for components to be transformed easily by people of all ages and abilities for endless play potential. The kit of parts can accommodate sports, lounging, shaded gathering spaces, and information boards; all while maintaining a safe distance from one another. The flexibility of the systems enables new items to be incorporated.  New items could be anything from a lantern taken from one's home to sanitizer stations introduced by the city. When the set needs to be relocated, the post legs can pivot up and the nets and fabrics are folded for easy storage and movement. This system creates negotiable street furniture, allowing Newburgh’s families to reconnect in public space meeting their shifting needs.

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