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Learning Village

Learning Village

Competition by Design Shed

Location: Montclair, NJ

Year: 2020

Award: Winner of the competition

Project type: Tactical Urbanism

With these unprecedented times, families are in need of a safe environment to come together. The Learning Village is a space for families to reconnect in an engaging and fun way. The system consists of a series of tents and a caddy. 


The Tents are made of simple PVC pipes and connections, wrapped in a waterproof canvas. Each component is labeled so families can construct their own tent and organize their tents to accommodate a multitude of community events. As many educational activities have become virtual, the process of constructing the tents can be a safe and hands-on educational activity for kids.


The caddy can store 12 tents as well as books and other activity materials for easy event set up. Once the event has ended, the caddy can be easy rolled into a storage space until the next event.

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