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A manifesto for a city for the future

Location: Boneville, UT (Salt Flats)

Year: 2019

Project type: Speculative Research

Circa 2050. Singularity has arrived, and with it, cyborgs and biotech upgraded Sapiens. (Artificial super) intelligence is no longer restrained by human consciousness and sensibility. It deploys a brutal force. Humans have lost their value and their authority, and natural geography has been replaced by cyber-space.


PRESERVE is our utopian city for this dystopian (although probable) future. A place for the preservation of Sapiens, preservation of humanity. A place that emphasizes live interaction and connectedness between community members and inter-species. Envisioned as a forest constellation of artifact-trees on a dessert, the structures’ form draws their inspiration on the Joshua Tree that is native to the arid southwestern United States.


Five thematic super-trees, each hold a function within society: food, education, health, culture, and memory. Interconnected to each other by a super-sonic gondola transportation system, the structures ramify into smaller trees and family units.

In collaboration with Dylan Sun Belfield, Manuela Hansen, Mengzhe Zhang, Ting Zhang, Yerin Won

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