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Tech City Industrial Co-Op

Cradle to Cradle

Location: Kingston, NY

Year: 2019

Project type: Campus Planning

With buildings accounting for 30% of our global carbon emissions, we must build smarter. 


This site is located within the Hudson Valley, which has historically provided construction materials for the region. This project looks to revitalize this material manufacturing heritage as it reimagines an abandoned factory as a sustainable building material manufacturing co-operative. 


The abandoned structure itself would be up-cycled into green-infrastructure to accommodate sustainable modular recycled building material manufacturing. The modular construction system can be expanded incrementally as the co-operative grows.


The design accommodates a gradient of industrial capacity, separating heavy industrial circulation from education and training spaces. The flexibility of the system can accommodate the local growth and small scale investment as a prototype for the industrial park of tomorrow.

In collaboration with Sophie Lee and Ritchie Ju

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